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Co-founder of WEB.foundation in 2002 and executive director until 2017.

WEB.foundation strives for a world in which sexual and reproductive health and rights are guaranteed for everybody, especially youngsters, with a special focus on stopping the spread of the HIV virus.

People should have free access to the right information, so that they themselves can take measures to prevent from sexually transmitted diseases, unwanted pregnancies and unwanted sexual contact. WEB.foundation developes and produces educational materials together with experienced local partners, such as games, animations and training exercises. focused on HIV/AIDS and subjects related to sexuality. With these products WEB.foundation  wants people to reflect on their own situation and to contribute to awareness.



In 2012 Fair Aid Foundation organised the COMM symposium during the 2 days’ PICNIC (International Conference for ICT in Africa) conference. A conference about the innovative, creative, technical applications, economic growth in the field of ICT and mobile phones, targeted at Africa. Matchmaking, networking, knowledge gathering, nice food and entertainment. Organisations and companies presented their work and technical applications. Field experts and specialists gave lectures, focused on real situations, questions, ethics, technics and about the environment where their products were developed.
The mission: contributing to a better world through digital connections between the Netherlands, other western countries, developing countries, emerging economies.
Concept Jonna Slappendel en Karin van Paassen.

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Alternative Artificial Legs

In 2002 students of Industrial Design of the Delft Technical University were given the assignment  to develop ideas for prosthetic legs in developing countries; prosthetics that can be made with materials which are at hand in their own environment and which can be easily adapted and repaired. Fleur Groenendijk (Rotterdam) had put up a prize of €10.000,- for developing the best plan on-site, with local workshops/repairshops. Three students went to Sri Lanka for realizing their design with locals.

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