Cultural Entrepeneur

De achterkant van maaskant

The exhibition ‘de achterkant van maaskant’ was part of the architecture festival ZigZagCity in June 2016 in Hoogkwartier in Rotterdam. Hans Wilschut, Arianne v.d. Gaag, Machteld van Joolingen, Caroline Bijvoet, Florine van Rees and Lie van der Werff presented their works in the Industriegebouw, designed by architect, Maaskant, a post-war reconstruction icon.

What was the connection between these participants? It was their fascination for the social and tactile side of Rotterdam, as well as the tough side and the frayed edges they experience in the city. An exhibition, that put the roughness of the city very close to the skin in a poetic, refined way. Through their installations, direct and without a filter, the visitor was confronted with the ‘other Rotterdam’. Impressions can be misleading…

 Gemengde Gemengd

The project Het Gemengde Gemengd (2014) was an exhibition, completed with lectures and mixed-food-evenings in verhalenhuis Belvédère in Katendrecht (Rotterdam). The concept and organization was in the hands of Constance van Duinen and Karin van Paassen for the Stichting Serenade Foundation. Gemengde Gemengd was an exhibition with contemporary artists and designers, like Hans Citroen, Nishiko, Constance van Duinen, Karin van Paassen en Chequita Nahar. Contrasts, clashes and meeting of different cultures was the central theme.


In 2011, 2012 and 2013 Karin van Paassen organised the two-day Art-and Studioroutes KUnSTPLAATS for the Torpedo Cultureel Foundation in Hoek van Holland. A route which led through nature and past historical places and studios, with the dunes, sea and the industrial landscape of the Tweede Maasvlakte as decor. Tens of artists, musicians, designers, film producers, ceramists, poets and photographers participated. See the archive of Stichting Kunstplaats here


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